Saturday, March 9, 2013

Netbook VS Laptop

Hello people! I'll be updating more often from now onwards. I took my little brother's netbook for now till I get a new laptop. I promised to share my new laptop with him though. I guess by then, he would get a new one for school. ^^

I reformat the damn netbook and it took me like hours. It's load so slowly and all till I almost give up. Now that Ive this little slowpoke with me, I got no reason to be lazy in updating my post.

Alright, I gotta sleep. Bangkok flight tomorrow. Short update :)

Friday, March 8, 2013


Yes, I know Ive been away for a super long period. If you followed me on twitter/instagram, you would have the latest updates of myself. My laptop has been down for a very long period and I planned to get a new laptop but not so soon. I really miss blogging so so much. I still see that my daily stats increasing almost everyday. Thank you to those readers who have been visiting my blog often. I'm sorry for not updating:(Right now, I'm updating with my little brother's netbook which freaky laggy and I really hate using it.

Why did I say that I won't be getting a laptop so soon? It's because I'm saving whatever I have for my getaway trips in April. I'll be visiting two places,Korea and Yangon! Do not envy because I saved those money and I really look forward to meet my cousin in Korea. I missed the trip to Tokyo and Osaka with them due to work. So I'm not going to miss this trip. 

Ive been Korea once but this coming trip will be a different one. No luxury hotels, but a budget guesthouse. To me, I think there's not a need to gets such a wonderful hotel because I'll be out most of the time. Don't you agree? And it will be the first free&easy trip to Korea. I'll update about my Korea trip when I'm back. For latest updates, please follow my instagram (excusemykisses).

I also said that I'll be visiting Yangon in April. It was a last minute decision to join my fellow colleagues. And it will be the water festive when I arrived. I'm excited but at the same time, I'm kinda of afraid. I dislike icy cold water and being splash by strangers?I'm more afraid that I can't get used to the food there. If you have been there, please share with me.

Done talking about my upcoming holiday trips.Ive something to share with people who has trouble with their brows. Recently, I did my touchup for brows. If you follwed me on instagram, you will know most of the details. I'm not being sponsored for doing this post for anyone. This is out of goodwill. I'll be more than happy if they are willing to sponsor me. :)

I always have problems about brows. I'm born with almost brow-less which I think some girls and guys have the same problems. And it is such a hassle to always draw my brows. It is always not neatly drawn so Sophia Brow House came to solve my problem. They have a few outlet but I often visit Marine Parade. It's very nearthe bus stop where the 7-11 is. My eyebrow artist is Sharon. Please make appointment before heading down if you want her to do your brows or any service for you. She's very busy with appointment. Thank God I called before heading down the other day. The first time I went, she introduced the different types of embroidery to me. this allows me to decide what I want. Next she will draw the shape of brow that your face suit most with eyebrow pencil. If you are happy with the shape she drew for you, she will start the process. 

1. First,she has to numb your skins or else it will hurt like shittttt! I mean it when I said that it hurts. Because the numb cream effect faded after awhile and I thought it was going to finish, so I bear through with the pain till I asked if its done.
2. She will start to use this special blade to ink the brows. I think you can request for other color or else it will be black for the usual. It will take roughly an hour to two hours to complete for the first time. If it's touch up, it will take about an hour only.
3.She will color darker so the color wont fade so easily. 
4. She will recommend you to buy a cream because your skin will start peeling after one or two days. 
5.It's all done! 

I will not diclose how much I paid and the service I did here. Sharon was nice to always offer me with promotion and all. Please tell her that you read my post and came down for her service so the next time I can discuss with her to give my readers a special promotion as well. 

Oh, you may want to try their facial. It's really good. But I dislike all the squeezing of my pimples. I was really in pain when she did the squeezing of it! But the result was awesome.Yes, I just said it's AWESOME! I'll post up some pictures for you to see. 

Thank you for reading too ^^

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I've no idea whats wrong with my blog. All those pictures turn out to be a black box and I can't be bothered to save it anymore.

I buried all my time at work, and a little moment for my friends. I wonder what I really want to do in the near future of my life. Am I going to give myself a chance to try out other airline. I rather sure I'll have problem getting in because of those childhood scars left on my legs and hands. I regretted not taking good care of my skins. Now, is too late for all this.

There's work tomorrow and sometimes I don't look forward to work. People need to be humble and also stop stealing things. Even my food was stolen. LIKE WTH. How pathetic can this be. It sucks to be working in such a environment. 8months to completion of bond and there's EK opening in Jan. Should I? Cousin probably going but I don't know whether should I go.. I still got one month to think and prepare myself. God tell me and guide me through.

Monday, October 29, 2012


It's on repeat mode. Non-stop listening to this song.

It has been three days since my insomnia kicks in. Falling sick during this period makes everything worst. All I hope was things to be better now. :( After that night with bbg, I really need to wake up from all my fairy tales land. I don't want to end up like her. How much I also wish I could protect her from everyone.

Life is tough. And I'm stuck, not knowing what to do. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Have you realised? I cut my fringe! Yes, I'm sick and tired of the old boring fringe. Not that I didn't cut bangs before but it was long ago that I can't remember when was it! :)

And I did it myself. You guys must be thinking it will turn out ugly or saying I'm damn daring right? Haha. I just lazy to go over to the salon to get my hair done. I'll probably go and get my hair dye soon together with treatment. I also need to touch up on my brows soon! So much things I want to do yet I have limited money:(

Saving for studies and Korea, Mel, Taiwan and etc next head! Hehe!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Clique ♥

Part of the Clique.

Our clique finally got back together as one one during my birthday chalet and I'm glad that things are better now. It has been 2years, I last contacted them. :) Recently, we met up for dinner at Tampines 1. It's not easy to plan for a dinner trip with too many of them busying with their own things. I still managed to meet u with a few of them and we had Fish&co for dinner.

After dinner, we couldn't decide where to go so we all went over to Eric's place and chill. Card games, Big fish/small fish, hacking gw's facebook, and also planning on our holiday trip at the end of the year.

Everything was ruined. If only the guys could make up their mind. We are not going anywhere because the airticket was too expensive and the guys are too troublesome. All we needed was a reply from all of you. It's not easy to plan an outing when there's big group of us. The girls took effort to plan and research but in the end, everything was ruined. I was really disappointed. I guess I will have to find my own plans :(

Anyway, I'm really glad things are better now. :) Good to have all of your around.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My love

What's up with the title? If you follow me on twitter/instagram, you will probably know. And is also because I'm listening to 'My Love by Westlife.' Westlife is so my primary school times. It's scary how time can pass so fast. I'm already 21 this year and soon I'll be growing older and older.

It's already October and this October is a crazy one. I spent my time not only at work, but also at club. And it's also my birthday month. I'm thankful for those who turned up for my birthday party. <3 And it's the party that pull the clique back together. It has been a very time since we all met up and have a good time together. I'm glad things are not awkward like before.

 Last Friday @ Riverview hotel's toilet.
Dress: Ohsofickle
Clutch: Asos

Zhen and myself. 
Misses those good time together. Be it in band or dating our boyfriends! <3

 My new friends: Ant & Shane
Taken during my birthday week @ zouk!

J was supposed to be in this picture too but he walked off -.-
Girls, don't you think Ant has a very attractive smile?

My girls, Siti and Naomi. 
Birthday kiss<3

Shane, Ant and myself.
Cindy sent me this picture or else I won't even know this photo existed. :X

Naomi and myself<3
Ern! <3 Love this girl. 
Epic night with her @ ZOUK.
We need to meet up with the whole clique soon! 

Parties with colleagues, Zhen, Ern and new friends made ( Shane & Ant). Thank you for the time that allows me to forget everything and enjoy the party moment. More to come with all my party animals.

And I also attended Ian's 21st Birthday Party this week with the clique. Not all of them managed to attend :(

 From Top Left: Stephanie, Tianxiang, Guowei ak Arcade, Tiansoon and Wanpeng
Second row: Myself, Ian aka Birthday boy and Ern
lastly: Benjamin aka Beng
(Missing Alicia, Kenneth, YongAn, Eric and Jeremy.)

Super act cute! I asked him for help to take picture of Ian and me but he took himself! -.-

Guowei and myself.

It's only the mid-month and I'm really enjoying this crazy October. Please do not end my crazy October so fast. More parties throughout the month and at the same time more money coming into my pocket please! <3

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


KONICHIWA! Hello everyone, I'm blogging all the way from Japan. I'm finally here after more than 7hours of flying, and I'm dying of rest. I complaining tired but I'm not sleeping yet as I'm waiting for hair to dry.

My roomie is actually sleeping away while I watch my drama and whatsapp with my friends who are in Singapore. I was so tempted to take medical leave in order to join colleagues for some fun tonight. But I guess I really need to stop:( I have been partying nonstop and I don't think mum likes it. :(

Pictures to keep you entertain for the moment.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It's party time! My annual leaves started the moment I knock off from work. I'm zouking tonight with crazy girl, Naomi!

This week is also my birthday week! And my chalet will be on this coming Saturday. Dear friends who I have invited, please remember to come! Don't come empty handed. HAHA!

It's party time!